Funeral Industry changing and innovating to serve the loved ones

Funeral Industry changing and innovating to serve the loved ones
The world is changing rapidly. Everything we see today is here
for now and then before we know it, some innovation, some
new features and some new perspectives come to play and the
world changes within a few years. Societies changed, cultures
change, preferences, comforts, friends and sometimes even
families change. But only two thing remain unchanged – birth
and death.

Our journey to this world begins with our birth and ends when
we breathe our last. From the moment of birth and until we bid
adieu to our mortal remains, the journey is everything that we
have. What we do, what we become, how the world perceives
us and how we make our mark in the lives of others is
determined by the moments between birth and death.

Death comes with a lot of preconceived notions of negativity. It
is seen as dark, undesirable and sad. But no one can deny that it
is inevitable. While most of the services to human society is focused on the
times when people are all hail, hearty and healthy – there’s only
one industry that focuses on service to the deceased. The
funeral industry is a service to mankind with the services that
they offer to those who have passed away.

Losing a loved one is never easy. To know that our loved one will never
be seen before our eyes is always painful. If the emotions wrenching
inside us at the loss of our beloved was not painful enough, the
practical challenges that fall upon the family and near ones with the
death of someone close is also extremely difficult to deal with. At that
time, the people who make it a part of their duty to stand by us to
handhold us through the difficult process deserves a mention.
And although this is a much less known industry, sometimes unsung,
unheard because they are so much overshadowed by the other lively
consumer products and services – this industry falls in the category of
one of the most essential services of all times. And just like every
other leading industries, the funeral industry too has been constantly
innovating, improvising and enabling products and services to bring
customized and even cost-effective solutions to the society. From
improved customer service to IT support, art designs, stationery to
high quality custom designed urns, the industry has been growing
impressively to make the time of bereavement less painful on practical
grounds, and help families beautify the memories of loved ones last
beyond a lifetime.

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